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Agnieszka Wieczorkowska


agnieszka welcome 1My name is Agnieszka Wieczorkowska. I live with my familly in Ballymun and work in Ballymun and Dublin city center. My daughter learns in Corpus Christi Girls National School in Drumcondra and my husband works as a software engineer in Dublin city center.

I have been a social activist for many years. I am a member of Ballymun Intercultural Group, the organization which works to raise awareness of multiculturalism and promote integration within Ballymun and Ballymun Active Disability Interest Group. I also work with Polish Community Centre “Biblary” where I organize art and music workshops for children and workshop for parents about raising children. I am one of three co-founders of Association for Creative Education - Blue Pear, which is an organization focused on learning and developing children through play.

I have co-organised a number of community-based events, such as a celebration of the Intercultural Day in Ballymun in 2012, 2013 and 2014, the Career Day in Dublin (in partnership with the Polish Embassy and The Academy of Management), workshop for parents about parenting in a library, Santa Andrus Day and Christmas Village for children. I was also involved in facilitating free English conversation classes for migrants as well as Irish courses for parents.

Since October 2013 I am a leader of scout group in North Dublin. In my point of view children are most important investment that will bring us profit in the future.

Professionally I am a clinical psychologist and a HR Consultant. I worked for 8 years in one of the biggest insurance company in Poland being responsible for disability management strategy. As a part my voluntary service I worked in the psychiatric hospital and an association for people with mental health in Gdansk. When I came to Dublin I started working as a higher education lecturer and pursuing my Ph.D. My research focus on problems of exclusion of disabled people and groups of minorities as well as people with disadvantaged backgrounds. I believe that diversity is a value and it is absolutely necessary to build an open, modern community.

I support and I want to promote civic activism. In September 2013 I took part in Local Government Training Course organised by Forum Polonia and Polish Leaders Association. I was involved in project “Vote. You are at home”, the action encouraging Poles and others minorities to register and vote in the local election in May 2014.

I decided to run in the local election in 2014 as an independent candidate. I did not get a seat in Dublin City Council but I get great response from by voters, from my local community. I still believe that Dublin City Council needs more diversity. I want to see more women and migrants involved in Irish political life. I want to create a better future and perspective for my daughter and her peers to raise them for independent, self-estimate and enterprising adults. I want to continue my social voluntary work and utilize my skills and experience to provide an assistance on individual and local community issues.

If you have any questions, proposals or if you think there is any particular problem that I should take care of, do not hesitate to contact me.


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